The village of Rantsi was made to change its name by the Greek government to Ermaka. It is about 15 kilometres east of the town Kajlari. It is on the southwest plains of the Kara Kamen Mountain at 21 degrees 51 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 30 minutes latitude and 845 metres above sea level. Its area is about 18 square kilometres.

The village borders to the west the village Vojvodina, to the southwest the village Arbino, to the southeast with the village Barakli, and to the north and east with Kara Kamen Mountain.

Before the start of the Greek Civil War in 1945 about 1,740 Macedonian residents lived in the village. They were employed in agriculture, raising livestock, skilled trades and other occupations.

In the period 1946-49, the residents actively took part in the organization of NOF and in the armed ranks of DAG with more than 250 active fighters, and together with the fighters slaughtered by Kolara's hordes (a collaborator with the German Gestapo), 70 gave their lives.

They were:

1. Andreev Stefo
2. Apostolov Stoiche
3. Banchev Vane
4. Bikov Nikola
5. Bogarov Traiche
6. Bogarov Nasi
7. Boicheva Pishka
8. Gajdadzhiev Stoiche
9. Gegov Vancho Vangel
10. Gushkov Kole
11. Dalev Andon
12. Dalev Petre
13. Dalev Done
14. Donev Mihaili
15. Ichkov Peli
16. Jankov Jane
17. Jankov Vangel
18. Janchev Vasil
19. Jancheva Dena
20. Kapetanov Vasil
21. Kapetanov Pande
22. Kapetanov Vangel
23. Karajanov Rizo
24. Karajanov Kuzman
25. Karapashev Nakji
26. Karapashev Andon
27. Karapashev Kole
28. Karapashev Done
29. Karapashev Done Gjorgi
30. Karapashev Vangel Petre
31. Karapasheva Velika
32. Kotev Stoiche
33. Kotev Vangel
34. Kotev Stefo
35. Kotev Gligor
36. Kotev Risto
37. Lijachev Vasil
38. Malchev Vangel
39. Malcheva Velika
40. Mingov Gjorgi
41. Mingov Risto
42. Nanchov Kole
43. Nikov Andon
44. Nikov Tome
45. Nikov Kiro - three brothers
46. Panajotov Kiro
47. Panajotov Mitko
48. Panajotov Vasil
49. Peijov Stoiche
50. Peijov Kuzman
51. Peijov Petre
52. Peijov Stojan
53. Peijohirov Vasil
54. Popov Vasil
55. Sakelarev Nikola
56. Sakov Nakji
57. Sakov Kosta
58. Sakova Rina
59. Svrtinov Risto
60. Svrtinov Kole
61. Tashov Gjeorgi
62. Tunov Peli
63. Chavdarov Nikola
64. Chavdarov Petre
65. Dzharov Gjeorgi
66. Dzharov Tome
67. Dzharov Vasil - three brothers
68. Dzhovarov Trati
69. Dzhovarov Stojan
70. Dzhovarova Zlata

The details of the fallen were obtained from Luka Tunievski, a DAG fighter from the same village.

Of the fallen fighters who gave their young lives there were 64 men and 6 women.

After the Greek Civil War and the forced emigration from the area and forced settlement of new residents, the number of residents fell significantly. The 1991 census recorded 489 residents in the village.

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