The village Dolno Nevoljani was renamed by the Greek government to Valtonera. It is about 24 kilometres southeast from Lerin and about 10 kilometres southwest of the town of Sorovich. It is close to the lakes Vapchinsko and Zazersko, at 21 degrees 35 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 38 minutes latitude and 600 metres above sea level. Area is about 26 square kilometres.

The village borders the following settled places: to the north with the village Ljubetino, to the northeast with the village Gorno Novoselsko, to the southeast with the village Dolno Novoselsko and to the southwest it borders the village Cherkez Kjoj.

Before the start of the Greek Civil War the village had about 384 residents from differing backgrounds: Macedonians, Greeks-Prosfigi and Vlachs. They were employed in agriculture and raising livestock.

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