Dolno Kotori was renamed by the Greek government to Indrusa. It is about 8 kilometres southeast from Lerin. It is on the periphery of the Pelagonija valley at 21 degrees 21 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 41 minutes latitude. Altitude is 752 metres above sea level and its area is about 6 square kilometres.

The village borders the following settled places: to the west is the village Krpeshtina, northwest is the village Maala, northeast the village Plishevitsa, to the east is the village Negovan, and to the southeast it borders with the villae Gorno Kotori.

The river Eleshka flows through the village and divides it into two different parts. On the left side of the river are: Gorna, Sredna and Dolna maala; on the right side is the Otadnata maala.

Before the start of the Greek Civil War the village had about 235 families with 974 residents of which 205 families were Macedonians and around 30 Arnautski-Albanian.

The residents were employed in agriculture, raising livestock, timber getting, building and other skilled trades and activities.

During the Greek Civil War, the residents took active part in the organization of NOF and the armed forces of DAG with more than 130 active fighters. 34 fighters gave their lives.

They were:

1. Banichotov Tanas Natso
2. Velov Tanas Vasil
3. Gorchilov Gele Nase
4. Delkov Argir Dafo
5. Delkov Petre Miti
6. Kuzmanov Gjorgi Trajan
7. Kuzmanova Trajan Fanija
8. Krashov Pandil Niko
9. Milankov Vasil Miti
10. Milankov Stevo Miti
11. Milankova Lazar Dzvezda
12. Nanchov Krste Hristo
13. Nedin Iljo Trajan
14. Nikov Anastas Kiril
15. Popov Gjorgji Pandil
16. Popova Pandil Jana
17. Ristovski Nikola Lazar
18. Talev Risto Petse
19. Tanasov Risto Petse
20. Taseva Kole Rada
21. Tashev Nase Petse
22. Trpchev Lazar Todor
23. Uzunov Vane Vangel
24. Uzunov Sime Boris
25. Uzunov Krste Alekso
26. Uzunov Ruse Lambro
27. Filipov Krste Trajan
28. Filipov Vane Vasil
29. Hristov Gjorgi Miti
30. Hristova Kole Menka
31. Chapkanov Nume Miti
32. Chaushov Lazar Pavle
33. Chuleova Vane Sofka
34. Shaldarova Miti Rada

The details of the fallen were obtained from Naumov Lazar Tane from the same village and who was also in ELAS and DAG from 1943-1949.

Of the fallen named, 27 were men and 7 women.

After the Greek Civil War and after the great emigration and forced emigration from Dolno Kotori, the number of residents fell substantially. This can be seen from the official census in 1991 in Greece according to which the number of residents was 380.

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