Buf had its name forcibly changed by the Greek Government to Akritas (Bufion). It is about 17 kilometres northwest of Lerin. It is in the heart of the mountain Baba, at 21 degrees 18 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 49 minutes latitude and 1,500 metres above sea level. It has an area of about 43 square kilometres.

The village borders to the north with Rakovo, to the northeast with Kladorobi and upper Kleshtino, to the east Kabasnitsa, to the southwest Psoderi and to the west Bigla Mountain.

Before the start of the Greek Civil War in 1945 about 2,000 residents of Macedonian background lived in the village. They were employed in raising livestock, agriculture, timber getting and other necessary trades and occupations.

The residents were filled with revolutionary spirit and during the Greek Civil War they actively took part in the organization of NOF and the armed forces of DAG with more than 250 active fighters. During the bloody battles of 1941-1949, 106 gave their lives, of which 76 men and 2 women were fighters in the battles and 28 were residents from the civilian population who were killed by the terrible bombing that took place, by landmines or were sentenced to death by the then Government. Of these 17 were men and 11 women.

They were:

Killed as active fighters

1. Alabakov Gjorgi Atanas
2. Andonov Lome German
3. Andonovski Boris Filko
4. Andonovski Petre Dime
5. Adzhigelevski (Papazov) Endro Done
6. Bajovski Petre Risto
7. Branov Krste Petre
8. Branov Trajan Gjoche
9. Vasilevski Kote Gjorgjija
10. Vasilevski Atanas Tsane
11. Vasilevski Lazar Dime
12. Volchev Pande Tsane
13. Volchkov Marko Sime
14. Gagachov Filko Sime
15. Gagachov Todorche Joshe
16. Gichev Jovan Blazhe
17. Grkin Pande Gjorgi
18. Grujov Sime Tsane
19. Grujov Atanas Filip
20. Divitarov Karamfil Kostadin
21. Divitarov Naum Goche
22. Divitarov Risto Nikola
23. Divitarov Iljo Vangel
24. Gjorev Trajan Tsane
25. Gjorshev Pavle Sime
26. Gjorshev Pavle Gjorgi
27. Eminagov Kote Krste
28. Jankulovski Pavle Vangel
29. Jankulovski Filko Pavle
30. Joshev Filip Pavle
31. Karadzhovska Pavle Domna
32. Karadzhovska Pavle Veljan
33. Klashovski Lazar Stevo
34. Klashovski Kosta Done
35. Kostovski Iljo Krste
36. Kostovski Iljo Jovan
37. Kostovski Kote Atanas
38. Kostovski Kote Krste
39. Manchev (Trgachov) Kole Done
40. Manchev Kole Sime
41. Markovski Petre Vangel
42. Minovski Gjorgija Kosta
43. Minovski Mino Lazar
44. Minovski Jane Filip
45. Muchev Iljo Stojan
46. Muchov Krste Kostadin
47. Nastov Gjorgi Pandil
48. Opashinov Gavril Korun
49. Opashinov Aleksandar Risto
50. Opashinov Joan Dime
51. Opashinov Joan Vangel
52. Opashinov Gjorgi Dime
53. Panov Stevo Spiro
54. Panov Done Tsane
55. Petlichkov Kole Risto
56. Popov Naum Sime
57. Srbinovski Done Tsane
58. Srbinovski Done Sime
59. Tabakova Mitre Vangelitsa
60. Todoovski Sime Atanas
61. Todorovski Rsto Lome
62. Todorovski Filko Gjorgi
63. Tomev Lazar Dime
64. Tomev Jovan Krste
65. Tomev (Angelevski) Vasil Done
66. Trgachov Kole Sime
67. Trpchinov Jovan Dine
68. Tsvetkovski Lazar Sime
69. Tsintsev Krste Lazar
70. Tsintsev Boris Tsane
71. Tsintsev Vasil Jovan
72. Chokrev Jovan Done
73. Chokrev Spiro Done
74. Shapadovski Sotir Krste
75. Shapadovski Krste Nikola
76. Shapardanov Todorche Krste
77. Shapardanov Petre Done
78. Shapardanov Dime Done

Sacrifices from the civilian population:

1. Angelevska Karaklija - mother with 2 boys
2. Angelevski Nikolche
3. Angelevski Kostadin
4. Angelevski Petre Kosta
5. Angelevski Petre
6. Andonovski Atanas
7. Bajovska Kolitsa
8. Branov Iljo Pavle
9. V'cheva Tomanija
10. Gjeorgiev Krste Iljo
11. Zhelvarova Karafil Menka
12. Jankulovska Pavlejtsa
13. Jankulovski Filko Dime
14. Karadzhovski Pavle Done
15. Kiprova Dine Jana
16. Klashovski Petre Krste
17. Kolev Trajche Petre
18. Markovska Atanas Pandora
19. Petlichkova Dime Vangelitsa
20. Petlichov Mitre
21. Srbinovska Kole Tomanija
22. Srbinovska Atanas Kostadinka
23. Stamatov Temelko Petre
24. Todorovski Gele Korun
25. Todorovski Risto Filko
26. Tsvetkovska Naum Ordana
27. Tsvetkovski Stojan Avrilko
28. Tsintsev Kote

Part of the above details were given by Filko and and Fana Brajanovi, former residents of Buf.

Of all the above, 93 were men and 13 were women.

After the Greek Civil War and the forced emigration from the village, the number of residents fell. In the official census in Greece in 1991 it was recorded that there were 52 residents in the village.

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