The village of Zelenich was forcibly made to change its name by the Greek government to Sklitron. It is about 20 kilometres east of Lerin. It is on the plain below the mountain Temen Vrv at 21 degrees 30 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 38 minutes latitude. It is 850 metres above sea level and about 11 square kilometres in area.

The village borders with the following: to the north with the village Neveska, to the east Zazersko Lake, to the southeast with the village Insko, to the south with the village Lehovo, to the southwest the village Srebreno and to the west with the village Prekopana and the mountain Temen Vrv.

Before the start of the Greek Civil War in 1945 about 1,342 residents lived in the village of which 982 were of Macedonian background and 360 were Greek-Madzhiri immigrants.

The residents of the village were employed in agriculture, timber getting and other necessary trades.

During the Greek Civil War, the residents of the village actively took part in the organization of NOF and the armed forces of DAG with more than 100 active fighters. 22 gave their lives.

They were:

1. Babadzhanov V Gjorgi
2. Bishkarov A Jani
3. Bufi M Risto
4. Bufi M Lefter
5. Vangelov M Iljo
6. Gakev Lazo Dine
7. Gramenovski Pandil
8. Evripija Tsane
9. Iliev K Niko
10. Kalev K Risto
11. Kalev K Miti
12. Krlev S Dine
13. Kurburcheva P Lena
14. Kurchev V Aleko
15. Lalev S Petre
16. Lochov A Gjorgi
17. Puzderkov Tashko
18. Sevdaliev Gjorgi
19. Trajkova L Parushka
20. Tsanev Stefo Vane
21. Tsanev Stefo Kali
22. Tsilkos Panagis

Of the fallen, 20 were men and 2 women.

After the Greek Civil War and the forced emigration from the village Zelenich, the number of residents fell significantly. In the official census in Greece in 1991 it was recorded that there were 553 residents in the village.

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