The Lerin region was without leadership for 15 days. In the first half of the month of November 1945 Nikola Minchev who at that time was designated an instructor, traveled from Skopje to Bitola. All of the cadres who were firm in holding to the politics and positions of NOF and in the most difficult moments from the Lerin region were invited, those cadres who continuously and unyieldingly undertook the work they were given by the organization.

At the meeting, among other things, a new structure was voted on for the leadership of the Lerin region for NOF.
That was the following:

1. Tane Lazar Naumov - First Secretary
2. Risto Kolentsev (Kokinos) - Second secretary
3. Todor Kijajchev (Victor) - in charge of NOMS
4. Kitsa Baleva (Vera) - in charge of AFZH

These cadres were responsible to introduce change and had to take the place of some corresponding cadres from the previous structures.
They nominated the following:

1. Trifko Mitse Malinov - Secretary of the Banitsa region, born in the village of Banitsa.
2. Tane Krkachev - the Organizing Secretary of the Banitsa region, born in the village of Ovchareni.
3. Todor Trpchev - Leader and Secretary of the Sorovich region, born in the village of Dolno Kotori.
4. Tashe Botsev and Vangel Geshkov - in charge of the Nered region which included 24 villages both of them born in the village Ekshi Su.
5. Pando Georgievski - in charge of the Kajlari region, born in the village of Ekshi Su.
6. Kole Patkov - in charge of the Buf region, born in the village of Ovchareni

Tashe Botsev from the village Ekshi Su.

Along with all of these cadres, the two favoured and loyal couriers:

1. Lambro Banichotov, from the village of Boreshnitsa.
2. Andrea Lalov, from the village of Ajtos.

This newly formed structure of NOF for Lerin immediately started active organization of the people and in a short time in its ranks it managed to attract 1,200 active members.

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