The village of Petorak had its name forcibly changed by the Greek government to Tripotamos. It is about 10 kilometres northeast of Lerin. It is on the Lerin plain near the rail line Bitola-Lerin between the Eleshka and Stara Reka Rivers. It is at 21 degrees 30 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 50 minutes latitude and 677 metres above sea level. Its area is about 6 square kilometres.

The village borders to the northeast the village Vrbeni, to the east the village Neokazi, to the southeast Boreshnitsa, to the southwest the village Armenovo, and to the north it borders the village P'pzhani.

Before the start of the Greek Civil War about 500 residents lived in the village of whom 75 were Greek-Prosfigi and about 425 were Macedonians. The residents were employed in agriculture and a little with raising livestock.

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Lerin in Mourning