The village of Nivitsi had its name changed by the Greek government to Psarades. It is about 36 kilometres northwest of Lerin. It is on the northern most part of the area known as "Afrika" on the south bank of the Prespa Lake. It is at 21 degrees 02 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 50 minutes latitude, 903 metres above sea level and about 18 square kilometres in area.

The village is flanked on the west and north by the waters of the Prespa Lake and on the south by the mountain Suva Gora.

Before the start of the Greek Civil War about 770 residents of Macedonian background lived in the village. They were employed in raising livestock, fishing, agriculture and other important activities.

In the period 1946-49, the residents actively took part in the organization of NOF and the armed forces of DAG with more than 100 active fighters. 32 gave their lives.

They were:

1. Aidinov Todor
2. Aidinova Dolja
3. Aidinova Vangelija
4. Dimanov K Petre
5. Dimanova Menka
6. Kapetanov Spiro Lazar
7. Korunov P Alekso
8. Korunova Ristosija
9. Makalcheto Lambro
10. Mirchev Done
11. Mirchev Risto Mijal
12. Mirchev Jovan Alekso
13. Mirchev Vasil Alekso
14. Nasteva Germanija
15. Pancheva T Elena
16. Popovski Aleko
17. Popovski Petre Stojan
18. Popovski Jane Fote
19. Ristanov Filip
20. Ristanov Bogoja
21. Ristanov Spiro
22. Ristanov Lambro
23. Ristanov Spase
24. Ruskov Krste Vasil
25. Talevski Lazo
26. Trajanov Petre
27. Trajanov Nikola
28. Trajanov P Pandil
29. Trenov Risto
30. Tutunovski K Trajko
31. Shalevski K Mitre
32. Shalevski R Nikola

Of the fallen who gave their young lives, there were 26 men and 6 women.

After the Greek Civil War and emigration from the village and forced migration to Nivitsi, the number of residents fell significantly. The census in Greece in 1991 recorded 144 residents in the village.

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