Gorno Kalenik

Dolno Kalenik

The villages of Gorno and Dolno Kalenik were forcibly renamed by the Greek government to Ano and Kato Kaleniki. They are about 11 to 13 kilometres northeast from Lerin on the fertile Lerin plain.

Gorno Kalenik is at 21 degrees 27 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 51 minutes latitude and 622 metres above sea level.

Dolno Kalenik is at 21 degrees 28 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 52 minutes latitude and 622 metres above sea level.

The villages are adjacent to each other. Each has an area of six square kilometres.

The villages border the following: to the northwest with the villages of Klabuchishta and Kavkas, to the northeast with the village Asanovo, to the east with Sakulevo, to the southeast with P'pzhani and to the west with the village Dolno Klshtino.

Before the start of the Greek Civil War about 500 residents lived in Gorno Kalenik. They were of Macedonian background. In Dolno Kalenik there were 380 residents of differing backgrounds of whom two thirds were Macedonian and the other third Greek-Madzhiri migrants.

The residents of both villages were mostly employed in agriculture and a smaller number in raising livestock. This was enabled by the location of the village.

In the period 1946-49, the residents took an active part in the armed forces of DAG with more than 60 fighters. 21 gave their lives.

They were:

1. Balakov Dimitri
2. Bolinogov Kosta
3. Valkanova Hristina
4. Gligorijadis Gjorgji
5. Dimopulos Teodor
6. Gjerantova Stavrina
7. Janevski Jordan
8. Ksanidis Anastas
9. Kulevski Georgji
10. Lukas Vangel
11. Malkov Georgji
12. Malkov Blazhe
13. Marangov Georgji
14. Marangov Trendafil
15. Paliopulos Georgji
16. Raitu Palagjija
17. Samkov Boris
18. Samijonov Hristo
19. Salimidi Georgjis
20. Skochanov Petse
21. Sulidis Georgji

The details of the fallen were obtained from Srbinov Trajan.

Of the fallen named above, 18 were men and three women.

After the Greek Civil War and after the great emigration and forced emigration from Dolno and Gorno Kalenik, the number of residents did not fall greatly. This can be seen from the official census in 1991 in Greece according to which the number of residents has not changed.

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