The village of Gorentsi was forcibly renamed by the Greek government to Argapidee. It is a part of the Lerin region about 22 kilometres southeast from the town. It is close to the village of Ajtos at 21 degrees 32 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 39 minutes latitude and 1,391 metres above sea level. Area is 6 square kilometres.

The village borders to the north Negovan, to the northeast Ajtos, to the east Ljubetino and Gorno Novoselsko, the south the village Insko and the Zazersko Lake, and the southwest Zelenich and Neveska.

Before 1945 about 190 residents lived in the village and only one family was of Macedonian background. The remainder were Greeks from Pondus, migrants from Asia Minor. The residents of the village were employed in agriculture and raising livestock.

In the period 1946-49, the residents did not take part in the armed forces of DAG. The one Macedonian family was destroyed by the imprisonment of the husband to a life sentence, and the woman was killed in a shocking manner.

After the Greek Civil War, the number of residents rose. This can be seen from the official census in 1991 in Greece according to which there were more than 255 residents in the village.

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Lerin in Mourning