Banitsa's name was changed by the Greek Government to Vevi. It is 20 kilometres to the east of Lerin on the periphery of the Pelagonia plain. It is at 21 degrees 37 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 46 minutes latitude, and 680 metres above sea level. It has an area of 26 square kilometres.

The village borders Vrtolom to the west, Zabrdeni to the northwest, Gonichevo to the northeast, and Tserovo to the southeast.

Before the start of the Greek Civil War there were about 2,450 residents of Macedonian background. The residents were employed in agriculture, raising livestock, timber getting, production and sale of lime and other trades and occupations for such a large village.

During 1946-1949 the residents actively took part in the organization of NOF and the armed forces of DAG with more than 150 active fighters. 57 gave their lives.

They were:

1. Abor Stevo Gjorgji
2. Abor Lambe Dzafir
3. Alushov Stojche
4. Apchev Stevo Kitse
5. Apchev Kitse Pavle - father and son
6. Apchev Metodi Vangel
7. Babulov Mire
8. Velikin Pando Gjorgi
9. Veshov Mitse Kotsi
10. Dafov Iljo Lazo
11. Dimanov Dzole Boris
12. Gjergev Tane Lazo
13. Ziko Vangel
14. Dziskov Stojche
15. Dziskova Menka
16. Janev Tsile Kosta
17. Janev Iljo
18. Janev Dore
19. Jovchev Gele Tane
20. Kalpakov Mitse
21. Kalpakov Tsile
22. Katronov Blazhe
23. Kipev Blazhe Dzole
24. Kochev Kole Dzole
25. Kochev Kole Mitse
26. Kocheva Kole Lena - 2 brothers and a sister
27. Kochev Filip Pavle
28. Kochev Leko Dine
29. Lakov Dine
30. Lakov Lazo
31. Malinov Petse
32. Malinov Lazo Kole
33. Malinov Todor
34. Mangov Tane Pavle
35. Mangov Natse Iljo
36. Minchev Gligor
37. Nedelkov Vangel
38. Nedelkov Filip Mitse
39. Nichov Mitse Lecho
40. Nichov Kole Gjorgi
41. Olev Tase Boris
42. Olev Nase Gjorgi
43. Pavlev Leko Pavle
44. Pavlev Petse Tane
45. Pavlev Dine Makile
46. Panchev Blazhe
47. Pechinov Miaile
48. Rapov Filip Lazo
49. Robev Tsile Stojan
50. Robev Filip Dine
51. Robeva Dine Fana - father and daughter
52. Robev Trifun Kocho
53. Tanev Nune Dimo
54. Tashev Gligor Mitse
55. Tashev Dzole Blazhe
56. Shisharev Gjorgi Blazhe
57. Mihali son of Tanas the blacksmith, and his uncle

The above details were given by Vasev Lazo (Tsarev), Abov Dine Naum and Lazo Vane Popdimitrov from Banitsa, all participants in DAG.

Of the above fallen fighters, 32 were active fighters and the others were sacrificed in prisons and killed by bombing by the monarcho-fascist forces. 54 were men and 3 were women.

The number of residents in the village fell after the Greek Civil War and the forced emigration. In the official census in Greece in 1991 it was recorded that the village had 753 residents.

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