In November of 2016, with some persuasion from my son George, I decided to sit down and record a video of my life story. In this autobiography I speak solely in Macedonian. As it is something that I wish to pass down to future generations of my family it was decided that it may be best to transpose the contents of the video into written form but in English instead of Macedonian. Sadly, our mother tongue in time will disappear for most of us living in Australia. Even now, often I need to speak to my grandchildren in English. Whilst this autobiography was initially intended for my immediate family, I am happy to share it with others that may have a historical interest in the plight of our people.

I have included a couple of rough maps (not drawn to scale) that may help you visualise where the places that I refer to in my story are situated. The names stated are in Macedonian.

October 2021

These are two early photos of me taken in the village. In the top one I am standing outside Tsveti Luca (St Luca a small monastery in Neret) circa 1950. The bottom photo is circa 1953.

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The Life Story of Tanas Kirev


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