Zhelevo was forcibly renamed by the Greek government to Antartikon. The village is part of the Lerin region about 20 kilometres west of the town. It is on the main road between Lerin and Kostur at 21 degrees 12 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 45 minutes latitude and 1,200 metrs above sea level. It has an area of about 28 square kilmetres.

The village borders the following settled places: to the south Oschima, to the west Orovnik, to the northeast the village Psoderi, and to the east it borders the mountain Bigla.

Before the start of the Greek Civil War it had about 1,350 residents, and all were of Macedonian background.

The residents of the village were employed in agriculture, raising livestock, timber getting and other necessary skilled trades and activities.

During the Greek Civil War, the residents took active part in the organization of NOF and the armed forces of DAG with more than 175 active fighters. 59 fighters gave their lives.

They were:

1. Barbalovski Petre Vangel
2. Budurovski Tanas Koljo
3. Bukurovski Vasil Kole
4. Gaguchova P Stefana
5. Gaguchova Lazar Nasija
6. Gamovski Stojan Risto
7. Donevski Lazo Spiro
8. Donevski Lazo Tanas
9. Janevska T Sofija
10. Janevski Foto Sotir
11. Jankulovska F Fanija
12. Jankulovski Janko Anastas
13. Janovski M Sofija
14. Janovski Stojan Mito
15. Janovski T Stavre
16. Kirovska Kire Marija
17. Kirovska Petre Sofija
18. Kirovski Petre Ilija
19. Kirovski Risto Foto
20. Kirovski Risto Jovan
21. Kirovski Spiro Pavle
22. Kurdzhovski Naum Risto
23. Kufalova T Arhonda
24. Lazarevski Vasil Lazo
25. Laskova Spiro Antigoni
26. Lulovski Stojan Pando
27. Lulovski Krste Risto
28. Lulovski Petre Kole
29. Luckov Stojan Done
30. Luchkovski Pando Stojan
31. Markovska Mito Arhonda
32. Markovski Mihajlo Jordan
33. Markovski Ilija Kole
34. Mirchev Stevo Vangel
35. Mirchev Krste Spiro
36. Mircheva Krste Jana
37. Mitanovski S Vangel
38. Nadovski N Elena
39. Nikolovski Kole Vangel
40. Nikolovski Gjorgi Stavre
41. Papazovski Anastas Lazo
42. Peovski Naum Anastas
43. Peovski Naum Fani
44. Peovski Naum Iljo
45. Perelovski Risto Naum
46. Perelovski Risto Pando
47. Putsungovski Pando Vasl
48. Putsungovski Panev Risto
49. Ralevski Tanas Spiro
50. Simonovska Mito Nasija
51. Stepanovski Mladen Lazo
52. Tarkalovski Lambro Iljo
53. Tarkalovski Vasil Tanas
54. Temovski Gjorgi Sofija
55. Temovski Gjorgi Stojan
56. Todorovski Petre Done
57. Chicharovski Tanas Done
58. Dzholin Sotir Done
59. Shkarevski Mihail Spiro

The details of those killed were obtained from Kuze Jaovski from the village Zhelevo.

Of all of the fallen named above who gave their young lives, 45 were men and 14 women.

After the Greek Civil War and after the great emigration and forced emigration from Zhelevo, the number of residents fell. This can be seen from the census in Greece in 1991 according to which the village had 133 residents.

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