After the formation of the First Macedonian attack brigade there arose a need for the formation of a body that would work with the brigade and lead all of the political and organizational activities.

This Political Commission was formed three days after the formation of the brigade. About 20 November 1944 a large conference was held at which there were 200 representatives-delegates from almost all parts of Aegean Macedonia. The conference was held in the premises of the People's Theatre in Bitola.

As special guests at the conference were - Dimitar Vlahov, a people's representative of the government of the then People's Republic of Macedonia, and Petse Trajkov - lieutenant general of military command in Skopje.

The conference was opened by the oldest of the delegates - Todor Nikola Popov. In the presidium was elected Tane Lazar Naumov. The two of them were from the village Dolno Kotori - Lerinsko.

Among other business, a committee of 19 members was elected. In that committee were:

1. Mitrevski Paskal
2. Kerimitdzhiev Mihail
3. Peov Naum
4. Dimakov Iljo (Oche)
5. Makrijata Vasil
6. Popov Nikola Todor
7. Tupurkov Naum
8. Popov Trifko
9. Naumov Lazar Tane
10. Turundzhiev Jojo
11. Rakovski Pavle
12. Urdev Jojo
13. Manchu
14. Poplazarov Lazar
15. Cholakov Lambro
16. Fotev Mina
17. The Director of the Solun High School
18. Koroveshov Vasil
19. Popov Iljo

In effect it was demonstrated that such a big committee could not sit every day to deal with minor and every day matters or those which had to be dealt with quickly. Because of this, there was a need to form a smaller committee which could meet every day, or as required a number of times a day. Over three to four days, the commission was called to a meeting with the aim of electing the smaller committee.

Todor Nikola Popov from the village Dolno Kotori.

Tane Lazar Naumov from the village Dolno Kotori.

In the new, smaller committee, the following were members:

1. Paskal Mitrevski
2. Todor Nikola Popov
3. Naum Tupurko
4. Dzhodzho Urdev
5. Pavle Rakovski

Under the auspices of this leading committee, organizational secretaries were elected and undertook organizing across almost all of Aegean Macedonia.

They were as follows:

1. Tane Lazar Namov - secretary Lerin region
2. Lambro Chokalov - secretary of the Kostur region
3. Foti Agijanov - secretary of Voden region
4. Lazar Poplazarov - secretary of the Enidzhe-Vardar

Lazar Poplazarov

These secretaries were in charge of the structure of their regional secretariats to better and more massively organize the Macedonian people to join the battle ranks of ELAS. That happened immediately after KPG let go of the attitudes it had had until then in relation to the Macedonian people and became satisfied that those politics were wrong. KPG agreed to form a coalition of all parties. The coalition was called EAM which means NOF.

With such a joint coalition and the work of the nominated organizational secretaries, it was possible to organize the people on a massive scale. In a short time an army of approximately 150,000 armed fighters was formed in the ranks of ELAS. With the increase in the number of fighters in the units of ELAS, conditions arose to enable the organizing and commencement of larger scale battle actions.

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