The village of Prekopana was made to change its name by the Greek government to Perikopi. The village is about 19 kilometres south of Lerin. It is in the heart of the Nered Mountain under the Temen Vrv Peak, at 21 degrees 25 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 37 minutes latitude. It is 1,440 metres above sea level and about 34 kilometres squared in area.

The village borders to the east with the villages Srebreno and Zelenich, to the south with the Kostur village Olishta, and to the west with the Vicho Mountain.

Before the start of the Greek Civil War about 550 Macedonian residents lived in the village. The residents were employed in raising livestock, timber getting and agriculture.

During the Greek Civil War, the residents actively took part in the organization of NOF and the armed forces of DAG with more than 55 active fighters. 14 gave their lives.

They were:

1. Basotov Gele
2. Volchev Gjorgi
3. Gjanaki Papa Gele
4. Jovevski Mitre
5. Kalin Kiro
6. Kalin Pando
7. Karadakov Gjorgi
8. Klekov Mitre
9. Klekov Petse
10. Ljoljov Dine
11. Ljoljov Sotir
12. Marinov Gjorgi
13. Minchev N
14. Murdzhov Krste
15. Muchev Joti
16. Chelov Dosi
17. Chelov Dine-Chaushot

The details were obtained from Trifko Zaparenko from the same village.

After the Greek Civil War and emigration from and forced migration to the village, the number of residents fell significantly. The 1991 census in Greece recorded that there were 6 residents in the village.

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