Armenovo's name was forcibly changed by the Greek Government to Armenohorion. It is about 4 kilometres to the northeast of Lerin. It is on the Pelagonia plain at 21 degrees 28 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 48 minutes latitude and 618 metres above sea level. The village area is 8.5 kilometres squared.

The village borders to the west with Kabasnitsa, southwest with Lerin, southeast with Lazheni, to the east with Boreshnitsa and northeast with Petorak.

In 1945 there were about 1,500 residents of which 90 per cent were of Macedonian background and about 10 per cent Madzhiri - migrants. The residents were less involved in raising livestock and more with agriculture, some trades and other worthy occupations. This was enabled by the rich Lerin plain and proximity to the town.

During the Greek Civil War in 1946-49 the residents did not much participate in the organization of NOF nor in the armed forces of DAG with only 4 active fighters of whom 2 lost their lives. As active members of KPG 8 communists were imprisoned and sentenced to death.

The following were killed from Armenhoro:

1. Bajkovshe Petse
2. Gelevski Kitse
3. Dukov Mihail
4. Karamitanov Iljo
5. Mariovche Marika
6. Mariovche Iljo
7. Mariovche Dimitar Stojan
8. Mariovcheto Pavle
9. Chakmanov Kole
10. Chacharov Gjorgi

Of the fallen fighters 9 were men and 1 a woman-heroine.

After the Greek Civil War and the forced emigration from the village, the number of residents fell. In the last official census in Greece in 1991 it was recorded that there were 1,014 residents in the village.

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