A Short Description of the Lerin Villages and their Sacrifices


Ajtos had its name forcibly changed by the Greek government to Aetos. It is within the Lerin region and is about 15 kilometres in a straight line southeast from Lerin and 12 km southwest from Sorovich.

Ajtos is 21 degrees 31 minutes longtitude and 40 degrees 40 minutes latitude and 965 metres above sea leave and has an area of 15 square kilometres.

The village borders on the following places: to the east with Ljubetino, to the southwest with the village Gorentsi, to the northwest with the village Spantsi. To the west of the village is the unpassable mount ain Asanova Chuka. The river Neveshka flows through the village with the well-known sound.

Before the start of the Greek Civil War in 1945, there were about 1,200 residents. All of the villagers were of Macedonian background and were employed in raising livestock, timber getting, agriculture and other necessary trades and occupations.

During the Greek Civil War in the period 1946-1949 the residents of the village actively took part in the organization of NOF and in the armed forces of DAG, which were led by KPG, with more than 200 active fighters. During the time of those bloody battles during which brother fought brother 52 villagers gave their lives.

They were the following:

1. Adzhibabov D Leftr
2. Boshkov M Petse
3. Burnarov Harish Tome
4. Burnarov N Stavre
5. Gigov D Vane
6. Gogov K Kali
7. Darvari T Nicha
8. Dafov Stefo Kire
9. Drilov Bodzhe
10. Gjegov B Petse
11. Gjegov T Kocho
12. Gjulev S Kocho
13. Gjulekov G Vasil
14. Zharchev D Risto
15. Zharchev P Tome
16. Zahuilevski Micho
17. Karagunov Gele Kocho
18. Kolev Z Vasil
19. Kolev M Risto
20. Lalov Gjorgi Petse
21. Lalev S Andrea
22. Mavrov P Tome
23. Matkarov V Petre
24. Machkatov Metodi
25. Minchev B Kole
26. Mishev K Vasil
27. Misheva K Stojanka
28. Nikolovski Kicho
29. Novoselcka K Menka
30. Olev Kuzi
31. Olev M Gele
32. Paljorkin K Iljo
33. Papanikolov Stevo
34. Petsov Iljo Blagoja
35. Petsov Iljo Kocho
36. Petsov Blagoj Vasil
37. Petsov D Stavre
38. Rimchev S Blagoj
39. Robev S Trifi
40. Robev R Pandil
41. Robev R Miti
42. Robev Gele Kole
43. Robev Gele Tase
44. Rukov P Kole
45. Sakulev Pande
46. Sterjov Lazo Sterjo
47. Sterjov R Naum
48. Sterjov R Mitse
49. Stilov M Ilo
50. Chekulev K Bodzhe
51. Shkipov T Vasil
52. Shopradanov P Bodzhe

From all of the above named fallen fighters who gave their young lives there were 50 men and 2 women-heroines.

In the Greek Civil War and after the great emigration and forced emigration from Ajtos, the number of residents fell. This can be seen from the last official census in 1991 in Greece according to which there were 819 residents in the village.

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