EAM People's Liberation Front
ETA Committee for Partizan Supplies
EPON People's All-Greeks Youth Organization
POM Partizan Units for Macedonia
KPG Communist Party of Greece
ELAS People's National Liberation Army
Democratic Army of Greece
NOF National Liberation Front
AFZH Anti Fascist Women's Front
PEEA Political Committee for National Liberation
CK Central Committee
KOEM Communist Organization of Aegean Macedonia
PDV Temporary Democratic Government
NOMS People's Liberation Youth Union
OKNE Organization of Communist Youth of Greece
PAO All-Greeks Liberation Party (Fascist)
EKA National and Social Rebirth
SFRY Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
SNOF Slav Macedonian People's Liberation Front
IB Inform Bureau
EON National Youth Organization
JNA Yugoslav People's Army
NOF People's Liberation Front
People's Republic
FNRJ Federated People's Republic of Yugoslavia
VMRO Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization

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Lerin in Mourning